G’day everyone, and welcome to Somewhat Fascinating.

This is a little project I’ve started for several reasons. One, because I do like writing and haven’t been doing it nearly enough these past few months. Two, because, so I’ve been told, I’m at least decent at it. Three, because it gives me something to do besides watching movies and play games all day. Not that I dislike doing those things, but this might prove to be somewhat productive which incidentally could’ve been the alternative title for this blog. Four, because I absolutely love stories and want to spread that passion with the world, and in the meantime hopefully be somewhat interesting. That blog title was already taken.

Stories come in a wide variety of shapes. There’s the obvious book, movie and even video game in its own way, but I definitely include history as well, which are just stories that actually happened. The whole War of the Roses was the base of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, and while it had a distinct lack of dragons, there was more than enough in there for an interesting tale in its own right. The Three Kingdoms of China, the Edo period in Japan, the Great War, … And yes, I realise those are all war stories. Most of the fictional books I’ve read had some kind of war in it. Conflict is an integral part of a good story, after all. Having a great villain is a good start. Doctor Who has the Master (before he became… her), the Marvel Cinematic Universe has Loki, Heroes has Sylar in season one, Star Wars has Darth Vader, … Besides that, I firmly believe that having morally grey characters is the best thing ever. And aforementioned ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ is probably the best example I can think of and in any case, it gets the point across quite nicely. Character arcs. Character development. Conflict, not only between characters, but in themselves as well. That’s what makes a good story. Add an unreliable narrator and you have one of my favourite characters ever: Kvothe.

There’s another big source of interesting stories in the world, people themselves. But you don’t always know. Though I’m hardly a people person, I do love hearing what brought them to where they are, what shaped them. One of the best ways is to travel and talk to the random person next to you on the plane, or while waiting on a bus connection. It’s why I love train stations, where many paths and errands meet. I’m an escapist, but I would never call the real world boring. There’s too much in it. More than seven billion people today and a whole lot more in the past, each with their own story. Some are shorter than others, and there’s definitely a few with a way more rich tale to tell. People like David Attenborough, David Bowie, Charles Dickens and plenty more famous names. But they aren’t everything. I’m thinking of Mary Anning, Claire Wineland, Brady Haran, … People who I will talk about in the weeks to come. It does feel weird to talk about people who are better than me, more successful than me, as if they need my endorsement, but I’m not sure how many of you actually know these names. And I want to do something about that.

Which brings me to my schedule. The idea is to have a post out three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This might be too much of a load to keep up with, so it is susceptible to change. But I must have some schedule to adhere too, or this project will just spiral down into chaos. And I do love me some chaos, but it’s a bad business strategy. Each day also has its own theme.
On Monday will be something called “My thoughts on …” which will be the most experimental part of this blog and can take a lot of shapes as it develops. It’s where I will talk about something that I’m noticing or has been bothering me or just want to talk about. Opinions, ideas about things like being an introvert, Lego, movie adaptations, why I dislike Steve Irwin, … Like when I was talking about conflict in stories. Anything that I want to get off my chest, because walls have only proverbial ears. Could be funny, could be going deep, could be anything. It’ll depend on the actual subject.

Wednesday will be the informative part with “Let me tell you about …” where I will talk about a certain someone who had an impact on me, or an event, a book, a movie, quirks of languages, a mathematical concept, … Anything that I found out about (and I find a lot of things) and want to share, based on facts and maybe spiced up with a little bit of a personal opinion about the thing, if appropriate.

Friday is “Storytime” which will be the hardest thing to keep up to standard. I feel I’m a better writer of short stories than full-fledged novels which I’ve tried a few times and just couldn’t be arsed to polish afterwards, but coming up with a good story every week might prove to be too difficult. But I will try. Some of you already read a few of my short stories, and they will probably be in the same vein. There will be funny ones, dark ones, things that are practically fairy tales. There will be a connection between a few of them, but that link will only be the setting, the world in which they happen. And who knows, maybe one day that might lead to a published novel.

Ideas and suggestions are absolutely welcome, especially for the Storytime. Pitch a concept, tell me what you want to hear about, and I might get around to it. This project is also meant to expand beyond my friends, so do feel free to share this to everyone you know who might be interested. Word-of-mouth asks for many mouths, not just mine, so I do need your help. Please and thank you. You can collect a free cookie if you do. While stock lasts.

In addition, since there’s a lot of music out there, I will include a link to a song at the end of every blog, sharing with you my personal favourites.

Do note that this is the first time I’m using WordPress and am not yet completely familiar with everything. The lay-out and look isn’t what I exactly want yet, so hold on until I figure it out.

Thank you very much for reading, and I will see you on Wednesday for the first real post. I will tell you about Don Bluth, a man you probably know better than you think.

This blog has been brought to you by Tom Waits – Alice.