I was going to address this topic sooner or later and given the current election going on in America which is going to be a shitshow anyway, let’s just get it out of the way, shall we? It’ll mostly be a stream of thought kind of thing, because politics is way too deep a subject to tell everything about. So I will limit myself to the things that have been bothering me the most.

I absolutely believe politics IS important and more people should be aware of it, but the way things go these days, it’s not hard to see why people are put off by it. Politics isn’t the problem, it’s the politicians.  There are plenty enough quotes to describe what politicians are, with my favourite probably being: “It’s like a coop, with the highest chickens shitting on the heads of those below them”. But those lesser chickens shit on the others as well, so it’s not a perfect analogy. Maybe put monkeys in the coop instead and see the poo fly everywhere. At least we would have some entertainment then as well. The American presidential election is a good example. From what I’ve heard and read and seen myself, the debates between the two (realistic) candidates had no real substance at all and the whole thing is akin to a cheap soap series. But one of them is going to lead America for four years (and hopefully only four). Either way, it’s going to be unpleasant. My genuine interest as well as any of my hope went down the drain when Bernie Sanders didn’t get the nomination. And Jill Stein has zero chance. So now we’re stuck with a shill and… Trump. Because is there any other good way to describe that moldy orange?

I can't tell the difference and neither can you
I can’t tell the difference and neither can you

People don’t trust their politicians anymore, and once again, I can’t blame them. It was a few months ago, when Moldy Orange said he would be running for president, that I was asking myself “how can people even think of voting for him”, which only increased whenever he opened his mouth. But then I looked at my own country. We have Bart De Wever, absolutely not as bad, but he’s no Obama either. Filip Dewinter is even worse, but De Wever is actually the president of our biggest political party. A man of power. The Netherlands have Geert Wilders, the U.K. has (/had) Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. Granted, these are mostly populists and fortunately didn’t get the power to enact their hollow policies anyway. To go from bad to worse: the Philippines have Duterte and Turkey has Erdogan. Despicable people who have been put in power through the power of democracy. The people wanted them in that seat of power. But why? How… I can just stare in disbelieve. So don’t just give up hope in politics, but humanity as well. I know I have.

But even the politicians that aren’t that horrible are… I don’t know, are they corrupted by their power so easily? Are they immediately so out of touch with reality that they don’t realise some of the changes they want to make is just incredibly stupid? Our politicians earn a lot, and there’s a lot of them. So it’s been asked time and time again if they wouldn’t agree with a pay cut, especially in a time when the government needs more money. “Nah,” they say, “we’ll take it from you”.


“But we need that money, so we can pay our cleaning ladies in our second house we only go to once in a year. You don’t need that much money to buy bread, right? Even with four kids and a mortgage.Oh, and can you work a little longer in that job that already destroyed your body? Thanks.”


I don’t mind taxes (this coming from an unemployed person, but even if I had taxes to pay, I wouldn’t mind) because it gives us good education, health care and a whole lot of other benefits. But get the money where it’s at. Do you dig a bit deeper in those few big mountains of dirt, or take a little bit of dirt from a lot of mole hills? Apparently it’s a difficult question for those that need to do the digging. Ever heard of Warren Buffett? He’s one of the richest people in the world, but almost lives frugal as fuck and gives a lot to charity. Look at Bill Gates, he gives millions away all the time, but doesn’t gloat about it, because he knows he still has billions to spare. Satoru Iwata once took a huge pay cut, just so the employees of Nintendo could all keep their jobs, and there are other stories of CEO willingly giving up a chunk of their salary for the same reasons. Does an individual really need that much money? I think it’s quite telling that those who actually earned all their money by hard work, are generally way more charitable than those that are just born into it and didn’t have to lift a finger for their fortune. For any one of those good guys, there’s plenty of greedy bastards who just take and take and never want to give a penny, and I guess the same goes for politicians. But the environment of politics doesn’t attract those few good guys, like a sewer only attracts rats. So it’s just bad apples, attracting and mixing with mushy pears and moldy oranges in a big pile of stinky goo.

Pennywise will make the sewers great again!

People come from different backgrounds. They want other things. Personally, I always vote green, because we need to fight for every last bit of grass here in Belgium. But that conflicts with economic expansion for example. This conflict of interests and all the stakeholders that come with every decision that needs to be made, makes for this whole intricate web, and politicians need to pick just one thread to walk on. But that thread vibrates over the whole web, and then comes the spider, every time. There is (usually) no objective truth to political matters. You have to make decisions, sometimes hard ones, and there will always be a part of the population who won’t like it. It’s only when the majority of the population doesn’t like it, you’re doing a bad job. But minorities can be loud. Extremely so. So the question is, is it really possible to make a good decision? Not always. It’s the human factor that screws with the theory. Don’t hate the play, hate the players. A quote from my old history teacher: “Democracy is the least worst we can do”.

It’s been joked that the world should have a vote in who becomes the president of a nation so powerful like the U.S.A. But I’m not sure, looking at the track record of the people we actually put in power. People need someone to make the greater decisions for them, because they’re dumb enough to pick someone awful for that exact job. No wonder I like fiction more than reality.

Barry did it. He restored some hope. But in a short while, he will be gone, replaced by someone no one really wants. We’re all going to miss Obama. Just look at him.


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