First of all, to all a happy new year and with it, why not wish for it to be better than the last. Even if 2016 wasn’t a particularly bad year to you personally, there’s always room for improvement. Celebrities will keep dying, IS isn’t beaten yet and we still have to deal with four years of a moldy orange in charge overseas. But you don’t make a better year by just wishing for it. One individual can’t (arguably) change the entire world, but one person doesn’t have to bother about the whole world either, so remember to maximize your own happiness first of all. And don’t be a dick. Even if being a dick makes you happy. Search your heart if it being a dick is really want you want and see if it truly does make you feel better. If the answer is still yes, do us all the pleasure and rip it out while you still know where the rotten remains of your heart are at.

Thank you.

Anyway, January 1 is usually the start or new beginning of many things. Things that usually last for about a week, like go on a diet, be a better person or get back in touch with old friends. In my case it could be to buy less Lego and since I technically bought my new sets last year, I’m off to a great start!

Rogue One, before the Battle of Scarif. Never forget.

However, my biggest personal New Year’s resolution is about this blog. I’m changing things up. I started this blog aiming to deliver three posts per week. When I decided that, I knew that was a lot to keep up with and I’m actually glad that I was able to do it for almost two months like that (btw, if you’re wondering why there were no posts since the 23rd, it’s because I decided to take a week off for the holidays. Maybe I should’ve posted a little notice about it, but I don’t think I have such a big reader base that it was really needed). However, what I’m not proud of is the individual quality of the posts. When I was writing three posts per week, I had two days per article and only one day ‘off’ where I didn’t have to worry about making a text. On Sunday I would write down my thoughts on a particular subject in a stream-of-thought way and on Monday I’d try to chisel that into a decent text. Then on Tuesday, I had to find all the info about whatever informative piece I wanted to do, start writing that and on Wednesdays have the day to ameliorate that into a better post. Thursday and Friday would all be focused on producing a short story, leaving Saturday as a free day. That’s not a lot of leeway, especially for the short stories that take the most time for me. What I wound up with was positive reception, true, but I personally, usually wasn’t really satisfied, especially concerning the length of the Storytime.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and I’m never really satisfied with what I produce anyway but I want to see if I can actually do better with bigger time slots.

I have a rather good memory, which is a bit annoying when I have to correct my own texts. I perfectly remember what I just wrote, so I don’t actually read what I’ve written down, because my memory takes over and just says to me what comes next instead of me actually reading it. I don’t readily see spelling mistakes, or how a particular sentence could be improved. What important piece of information could be missing, what else could be added or what parts are superfluous. I just glance over it when I proofread my own work, at least when I’ve just written it. That’s why I leave it to the second day to improve it, because by then the memory has faded enough to have a slightly fresher view of the situation. However, I only have those two days, as I said before so if any big changes are needed, I don’t have the time for it.

That’s why I’ve decided that from now on, I’ll only have two posts per week. This gives me three days per article (still only one day of complete rest, but that’s fine) which will from now on appear on Wednesday and Saturday (subject to change if I find a better schedule, suggestions are welcome). I’ve heard from some of you that you can’t keep up with three posts per week anyway, so that’s yet another benefit to a reduced number of articles in a given week.

Wednesdays will be the “Let me tell you about…” posts with the usual informative pieces. They aren’t actually that popular, while my “My thoughts on…” are read more often and I actually prefer to write down my opinions over telling about something you can usually find on Wikipedia yourself, so it would make more sense to focus more on the latter category, right? The problem is, I have only that many strong opinions to share. On a lot of aspects, I’m of the “live and let live” principle. It’s just those few things like nature, movies and my other big interests that I have strong opinions on which make for good writing material. It’s why I won’t write about music in an opinion piece as I don’t see a lot of points of discussion about it. It’s exactly why I just link a song at the end of every post, to allow other people to discover music they didn’t know yet and might actually know, which is a better way of going about it than saying “No, all pop music sucks and you should listen to this instead” (which is my actual opinion, by the way). By now, that well of opinion topics is almost dry (while for a “Let me tell you about…” I can just go to a random wiki page). I wouldn’t be able to continue to bring the same level of interesting subjects to talk about like I did on past Mondays, even though I’d really like to. But, don’t worry, when I do have another opinion to share, I will post it instead of the informational piece. They just stop to be a regular thing. Hopefully, with this extra time I give myself, the informational pieces will also be of a higher quality. But hey, like I said, most “Let me tell you about…”s aren’t that popular, so maybe you guys don’t want to actually learn something. Bastards.

As for Saturday, this will obviously be “Storytime”, which is possibly even more popular than my opinion posts. A bit of a hit and miss of course. Not even Stephen King can write only masterpieces with his turnover rate. Generally, “Storytime” is possibly also my favourite thing to write, even though it’s the hardest. This difficulty is why I’d really want more time for it. People have said to me they want more short stories, longer ones. And I want to give that, but for that to happen, I could use more time. Maybe it won’t work, but that’s something I can only see when I actually implement the new schedule. So it might fail. It might be worse than it was before, in which case I will see what else I should change. But I’m confident with these three days, I’ll be able to tell longer, possibly even better stories. The Lady of the Night will return one day, and I’m definitely not done with the Forest of Things yet, but there will obviously be other kinds of stories in there as well. I have more than enough ideas for new stories to last a while. I hope.

Another new thing, I will make a Facebook page for my blog. This will allow me to separate my personal profile and my writing, so as not to spam people who aren’t interested in my blog, as well as not having to add hundreds of strangers as friends if my blog ever gets a big reader base. Even though I have no issues with laying my soul bare as I did in the post about being an introvert, I do like my privacy. Having a Facebook page just solely for “Somewhat Fascinating” will allow me to have a private and public face to use, which will be invaluable if I ever get to call some people fans. Having that Facebook page also allows it to be shared more easily. And yes, that might be a strong hint *ahum*. Maybe I’ll even get a Twitter and whatnot. Food for thought, on a later date.

Other than that, there’s only a few loose announcements. I have a job interview on next Saturday. I’m enough of a cynic to not make a guess about my chances, as I’m pretty much done with getting any hopes up with anything. I’d absolutely love to get that position and will try to ace that upcoming selection test, I’m just trying to prevent another potential heart break. If I get that position, this could of course have an impact on the time I have for my blog. Maybe I will further reduce it to one post per week, a short story, or opinion once in a while as a substitute. But there’s no point in making plans like that just yet. Saturday comes first, the rest of the year follows after that. Of course, it would be a great start of 2017 if I did get me that job. So light those fingers and cross those candles!

If all that would fail, I’ve been approached by someone at after publishing my “Narratives in video games” post, if I’d like it to share on their Now Loading blog, as well as writing for them once in a while. Now Loading is a blog where a whole community of writers post their articles about gaming on. Creators also own MoviePilot which does the same thing for movie related material. This could be an excellent opportunity for me to get into freelance jobs but like my opinion pieces, for now at least, will be something extra whenever I find something interesting enough to write about. But so, you might see my name pop up somewhere else as well.

That’s pretty much it. Not a lot of actual resolutions in there, but when I make a promise, I’d rather see it through. There’s no point in me saying “Yeah, this year, I’m going to eat healthier” when a few hours ago I’ve been munching on the leftovers of yesterday. I do want to lose a bit of my acquired girth of the past few months, but I started on the wrong foot on that matter. So if it would be a true resolution, it survived for about twelve hours, and I don’t want to wait another year before I can start ‘anew’. Better get started tomorrow then. Or the day after, since tomorrow I’ll probably eat the leftovers of today’s leftovers from last year.

Closing note: even if the rest of the year brings nothing good to my table, there’s a new episode of Sherlock on BBC tonight. There will be at least that.

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